Farm House Location Needed for June

Production company with Oscar winner producer is seeking a very specific farm house location in Delaware County for the filming of a feature film in June.

The production company is looking to rent the house for 5-7 weeks starting in June and there is a substantial budget for the right location. They are also willing to put someone up in an AirBnB or hotel during filming if required.

Please read the details below on the house and surrounding areas. If you have a home that fits this description and you would like to be connected with the location scout, please send details and photos to asap.

The location being requested: 



Wood frame, probably white, old, circa 1860, 1500-2000 square feet, modest, home of working people, not grand. rambling backyard that borders woods, some trees near house, unenclosed front porch, neighbor’s house IDEALLY 60-100 yards away, gravel or dirt driveway, house preferably some distance off paved road. (Would not rule out a house without a neighbor’s house next door.)



Very simple, modest, wood floors, ideally plank, fireplace, stairs, relatively large kitchen w/ door to backyard, big kitchen window through which to see backyard. Upstairs hallway and at least 3 rooms upstairs. Would be nice to have walk-in closet under staircase.

It would start shooting in June. They would need the house for 5-7 weeks, 3-4 weeks of shooting. There’s a substantial budget for location fees, and the homeowner would be put up in a hotel or an Air BNB.

The home can be rough, looking like it needs a coat of paint. Does not need to be pristine.


Some inspiration photos from the production team: