Winter Horrors: Werewolves Within at Spillian

Winter Horrors:
With Werewolves Within Director Josh Ruben and Friends
Saturday, February 24, 2024


Embrace the true horrors of winter on a weekend dedicated to scaring you silly at Spillian in Fleischmanns, NY.  The afternoon will start with a virtual escape room game, then you’ll savor werewolf-inspired feasting and drink, and top the evening off with a genius of scares and laughter mash-ups. The acclaimed horror-comedy movie Werewolves Within was filmed on location at Spillian, and director, writer, comedian, and all-around camp horror genius Josh Ruben will be joining the festivities along with friends to introduce his work on screen and his new illustrated novel, Darla. See the movie that stars (at least in our minds) Spillian and learn where the bodies are hidden…

Right before the world shut down in a crazy global pandemic, Spillian was visited for three months by the creative team who made Werewolves Within. Spillian both served as the primary location for the Beaverfield Inn and the production headquarters for the three-month shoot.

Josh and the irrepressible Jean-Michel of the Hudson valley’s Mecca for comic books, Megabrain Comics will savor the connections between fear and laughter,  introduce a showing of Werewolves Within from within the house where the horrors happened (along with a tour of spots that might look a bit familiar), a bunch of fascinating conversation on movie making and what Josh is up to creatively these days, and a food station feast that honors horror films. Chef Christian is rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

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